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I'm a social systems / data geek. I'm fascinated by big, gnarly problems. Also, I hold the scandalous and controversial opinion that public discourse works better when both sides actually talk to each other.

All Known Health Frauds are, in Fact, Valid

Author’s Note (6/10/14): Huh! Looks like we’re at 9k FB likes. That’s 8,996 more than I expected! So, that’s a win. Apparently a lot of people think the system is broken. Ok. Now, what do we do about it it? I’ve added … Continue reading

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The Politics of Pendulums

You’re pissing me off. I haven’t said anything, but frankly it’s been going on quite a while. And you have finally said the last goddamn thing I am going to take from you. I slam down my cup of coffee … Continue reading

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I Constantly Talk About Social Systems

You’ll probably notice that I talk a lot about a possibly nonexistent field called Social Systems Theory. There is a truly terrible wikipedia page on it that hasn’t been updated since 2009. Yet, I am positive it is a thing. “Social systemics” learns … Continue reading

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Brosie the Riveter

This was originally published as a guest post on the Hawkeye Initiative. Brosie Goes Viral WIRED interview Thanks, Skjaldmeyja. — I work with an all-female team of data scientists, in the gaming industry. This makes me the professional equivalent of Amelia Earhart riding … Continue reading

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